Updated AWS OmniGraffle Stencil

I’ve updated the OmniGraffle Stencil for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that I had posted previously. Update 2012-03-21: They have been updated again to version 2.2. Based on the new v2.1 architecture icons from AWS, it includes the 3D service icons as well as new shape sets for… Read more →

jubeat plus / jukebeat: An iOS Game Review

(image coming back soon) Photo: Stéfan Let’s get it out-of-the-way up front: I like arcades. So much so that I spent a good chunk of time in my not-so-recent (May 2012) trip to Japan in their arcades (Taito Stations, Game Stations, etc) throwing 100円 coins in pachinko, slots… Read more →

OmniGraffle Stencil for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

So I got annoyed at the available AWS Stencils on Graffletopia. Like many other stencils they end up being an image embedded inside a shape. For the most part this is OK: the shapes scale reasonably nicely. There is some occasional stretching if you want to try a different aspect… Read more →

Installing Apache and its Ecosystem: Part 2

Back here in Apache Land it is time to continue with the install. In this post I’ll be installing PHP. Part 3 will cover Subversion, and Part 4 I’ll be running through my standard configuration and website setup. Installing PHP 5.4.4 At the time of writing… Read more →

Firewalling: The OpenBSD Packet Filter

It is time to get security conscious! Installing and using pf for your firewall is a breeze, so this post will mostly be describing my firewall configuration and some of the awesome things you can do. Warning: This is another long one. I use the OpenBSD Packet Filter, or pf… Read more →

Installing Apache and its Ecosystem: Part 1

I guess it is time for the big boy. Apache can be one of the most complicated things you install, mostly for the additional languages and modules. Like many, I have my own way of configuring it. I’ll lay this out up front: I don’t like the FreeBSD… Read more →